Why video is here to stay

Seasoned education marketing and recruitment professionals will have seen a few trends come and go over the years, from the one-page brochure through to the branded USB stick – and more. In this blog, we explain why video has brought dramatic change to the way schools market themselves – and why video represents a permanent shift in how you should market your school.

1: Numbers don’t lie

Recent studies show that 85% of schools now use video as a key part of their marketing work, up from 63% last year. More than this, 99% of those currently using video say they plan to either maintain or increase their marketing work using this channel, demonstrating how useful it has become for education marketeers.

2: Video growth is still accelerating

As of 2018, 75 million people in the US alone watch on-line video content every day. Inside this huge viewership, branded content – like that produced by education institutions – is making rapid gains, with views of branded content up by 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube globally in the last year alone.

3: Video retention and conversion rates are better

The important take away is that in terms of marketing ROI, video outperforms traditional marketing by almost any measure. Just mentioning “video” in an email subject line increases click-through by 13%; videos are twelve times more likely to be shared than mere text or images, and adding video to Facebook can increase user responses by one-third.

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