How to convert video comments and enquiries to prospective students

Our recent posts have looked at how to achieve quality in your video work and present your institution the right way in terms of messaging and visuals. In this post, we focus on some more technical means of acquiring new prospects – and how to convert them into new students.

1: Get into embedding 

Once you’ve created some great video, make sure to embed it on your site rather 
than leaving it on Vimeo, YouTube, or another video-sharing website. Embedding video automatically raises your site’s profile in search engine results, enabling you to feature enquiry and/or comment buttons directly on your site. These enquiries are leads you can follow up on. What’s more, research from Accenture says that 58% of people are more likely to be interested if they can see other people’s comments and enquiries on your website.

2: Turn on reviews 

According to WireBuzz, 68% of prospects are more likely to engage with you after watching video about your school. Why not encourage them to engage with you by enabling comments? This is another opportunity to convert leads into prospects. You could also take the best of these reviews and use them in your future marketing campaigns.

3: Tailor to fit

We cannot stress enough how important it is that your video output matches the audience you are addressing, such as agents, parents, or prospective students. Google Analytics and other tools can help you understand who is visiting your different marketing channels, meaning that you can tailor content to their specific concerns. For instance, you might offer longer informational videos on Facebook if visitor data tells you that parents are your main audience there. Happy, informed parents = registered students!

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