How to give your video greater impact

The most sophisticated video production and a solid marketing plan won’t draw potential students to your school by itself. Your video content needs to make connections and convince your audience your school is for them. But how do you link your interests as a school with the things potential students are passionate about? Here are three tried and tested tips:

1: Bring your campus to life 

Remember your video work doesn’t have to relate to students alone – but to their families and advisors as well. If you can emphasise the advantages of your natural environment in your video work – whether that’s great scenery, a safe place to live, or historic buildings – that will speak volumes to both students and their families.

2: Micro-target students

Micro-targeting is a phenomenon in political advertising, with governments and political parties working with social media companies to make sure their messages are delivered to closely-targeted audience segments. We are increasingly seeing this approach used successfully by higher education institutions. As one example, you can target the 16-18 age group from a specific country or region you’re interested in with tailored video messages about your school based on their particular interests.

3: Let students see what you stand for

Authenticity is everything for the millennial audience: as the Financial Times put it recently, “natural, organic, honest, simple, and fresh are the words to think of when seeking to attract millennials.” Can you associate your school to a cause that matters – both to you, and to young people? Environmental protection, for instance? Identifying your cause and communicating it through video will strengthen your marketing considerably.

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