How to optimise your video marketing

So your school has decided to use video content in its marketing strategy. This is a great choice: but with almost nine in ten schools around the world now using video for marketing purposes, simply creating video content is not enough. Here are some tips to get the most out of your video content:

1: Think influencers, not just students 

Most institutions tell us that video is their best way of connecting with students. However, other groups – especially parents and career advisors – can profoundly affect a student’s decision-making process. A UK study for GTI Media found 69% of students’ education choices were influenced by their parents. Why not create a video brochure targeted at parents, career advisors, and education agents in addition to your student marketing content?

2: Use your school’s USPs

As part of your marketing strategy, you will have identified the Unique Selling Points (USPs) that differentiate your school. Make sure these USPs come across in all your video material – whether it is the selectivity of your school, its location in an area of outstanding natural beauty, or its sports facilities. Make the most of what you’ve got, using video to communicate these advantages in a vivid, unforgettable style.

3: Engage your audiences online with video

Last year, there were eight billion video plays on Facebook and ten billion on Snapchat – every day. And LinkedIn has now joined the party, creating a native video capability. It’s crucial to keep your content short – ideally between 90 seconds and six minutes – to maintain interest. But you should also ensure your videos seek engagement. Monitor comments, invite responses – and include full contact details. That way you can create meaningful dialogue with prospective students and their families.

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