Three ways to right-size your video

When it comes to marketing videos, longer isn’t always better. Education institutions looking for maximum exposure for their institution and brand need to consider the audience, the platform they are using, and their message strategy when planning, shooting, and editing video content.

TIP #1: two minutes max: Research reveals two minutes is optimal for a standard video.

Although you can expect to lose 20% of your audience inside ten seconds, and 44% within one minute, nine in ten of the remaining 56% of viewers will still be watching at two minutes. After that, your audience drops off rapidly. So keep your video under two minutes for standard presentations on your website/YouTube channel. Here’s a great example of a short, effective video:

TIP #2: get short for social: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are core delivery platforms both for millennials and their parents.

Instagram doesn’t support more than one minute of video, and on Facebook, 50% of videos under one minute are viewed in full. Video content for Twitter is most effective around 30 seconds. The take-away? Edit your videos for social media to be between 30 seconds and one minute – think of these as trailers or advertisements for longer versions elsewhere, such as your website or YouTube channel.

TIP #3: six to 12 is max: Working with education institutions on their content every day, we know two minutes may not be long enough for audiences seeking more information.

The same research that says audiences disengage after two minutes also found that audiences still watching after five minutes will stay engaged for another five. After twelve minutes, you’ve lost almost all viewers. So for long-form and informational videos with detail, between six to twelve minutes is optimal.

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