Get Real: Making marketing videos more authentic

Nothing builds trust better than face-to-face meetings. That’s why global brands spend so much money trying to generate that same level of trust. Building an emotional connection creates lasting bonds with your audience – especially with student millennials, for whom authenticity matters as much as what you’re saying.

This search for authenticity explains why 85% of organisations say video is their most successful marketing channel, according to Tubular Insights. Audiences agree – a recent Forbes article confirms nearly two-thirds of internet users watch related videos before they hit the “buy” button.

As a global institution looking to build your brand and grow recruitment, how can you make marketing videos more authentic? Here are three simple steps:

One: use testimonials

If video is the most effective marketing channel, then student testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%, according to a recent B2B Content Marketing Report. Student testimonials work because they come across as unbiased voices, establishing trust. You’re using real students to show how great your school is. Get enthusiastic students who love your school and put them on camera! Here are some examples of video testimonials we’ve created for clients:

Two: get confident in front of the camera

Nothing builds confidence like knowing what you are doing – so practice, practice, practice:

  • Practice with a script or have a conversation with a friend.
  • Know your topic and the points you want to touch on: don’t worry about repetition.
  • Have fun, be natural and let the words flow.
  • Look for things to improve, like body language and expression.
Three: be passionate

Emotions are contagious. Think about it – when you’re feeling full of energy, it radiates around you. There’s no better way to bring something to life than showing people what it means to you. This is where you can shine, offering prospective students and partners a taste of what it’s like to be in your world.

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