Why you should prioritise video in marketing strategy

In our first “Hints and Tips”, we looked at why education institutions should use video in marketing. Now we look at why video should be your #1 priority for building your institution’s brand and improving student recruitment:

One – You’ll double your click-through rate

The education business is full of marketing e-mails, with a recent study by Vidyard suggesting just 18% of marketing emails are opened, and only 2% result in a click-through. However, if you include compelling video, you’ll increase your open rate by a further 19% – and double your click-through rate, according to Campaign Monitor. With stats like these, you can’t afford to send e-mails that don’t include video!

Two – You’ll have higher engagement levels

Studies of web behaviour suggest readers retain just 10% of any written message, but viewers of videos retain 95% of content. People are more likely to follow video through, with 62% of respondents to a Beacon Digital Marketing study saying they would watch a whole video – but wouldn’t read through pages of text.

Keep your content tight, though – the shorter the video (less than two minutes is best), the greater the engagement. Once videos go over 30 minutes, only 10% of viewers are still watching. So make video your priority – but focus on key messages!

Three – You’ll convert more prospects into students and partners

According to a study by Demand Metric, 71% of marketers say their conversion rates using video are better than from any other channel. This is great news, but remember – quality is vital. Last year, Facebook users watched eight billion videos daily, a figure rising to ten billion on Snapchat. So to up those conversion rates, work with a partner that delivers quality product – and make your video stand out from the crowd.

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