Video: The Key to Effective Marketing in Global Education

How do you tell your story for best effect? The way young people are consuming content is changing rapidly – and that’s making video essential to outstanding communication.

Cisco Systems predicts that more than 90% of all data traffic will be video streaming by 2019. Google estimate that sites featuring video are 53 times more likely to top searches than sites with just text and images. Finally, Animoto has reported 73% of people prefer to use video before deciding to buy.

These facts mean institutions looking to build their brand globally can no longer afford to ignore video when marketing.

Video speaks to a younger demographic raised on the internet. It provides parents with assurance and the ability to undertake “virtual tours” of institutions which may be on the other side of the world.

At ICEF Media, we have more than 15 years’ experience of creating bespoke video content for clients in the international education business. We have the industry’s largest global network of education contacts and video production professionals. This enables us to produce high-quality videos to fit any format using local staff, reducing time and money spent on travel.

To succeed in today’s global education sector, you need compelling video content that drives traffic to your digital channels. Video that builds your brand and improves your international recruitment.

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